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9 No-Brainer Reasons to Choose Vonza as your Kartra Alternative

There are many entrepreneurs out there aiming to kick-off their business online and therefore needs the right tools to promote and sell their products or services. This article will help you understand the differences between two popular solutions: Vonza and Kartra. Let’s see why you might want to choose Vonza as your Kartra alternative.


Free account

We cannot think of a better and more honest way to test a platform than to try it out free. If you are forced to pay for it, that overshadows the whole process. It is not a surprise that most of the software-as-a-service companies offer their solutions for testing or trials free of charge. Paying for something that you cannot be sure that is worth the price makes the user experience handicapped from the beginning.

The good news is that Vonza, the best Kartra alternative, offers you this option. You can check it out via the company’s pricing packages page:


Wide variety of Use Cases

Many entrepreneurs are using multiple services and solutions to cover their business processes from product listings to promotions, checkouts, and many other ways to engage their potential customers. Multiple solutions mean higher cost, or if you choose the low-cost versions, then a significant need of time for the administration. Overviewing a process that includes Mailchimp to send out automated email campaigns, WordPress to set up and operate your website, while you use an independent solution to make the checkouts fast, have to communicate with your payment gateway, with your video hosting service - and the list could go on and on… this can become a quite painful process. As you intend to finetune your offering, you will need to introduce more SaaS into this picture resulting in a close-to-chaotic vortex that slowly steals away all your time.
The good side of any all-around solution is that you can let loose the need of having multiple different services, and with it, reduces the risk of making huge mistakes resulting in bad customer experience or even revenue.
While Kartra’s main feature, its webpage builder, offers multiple layouts, they revolve around the same landing page idea and you need to invest significant time to be able to divert from the templates. On the other hand, Vonza’s easy-to-build websites offer a wider range of design ideas and even more importantly: use cases.
The best example is courses that are much easier to sell through Vonza.


The Setup Process

Vonza, the best Kartra competitor, holds your hand while you build your online presence through their platform. In the beginning, it asks you what kind of business you would like to set up, which gives you various options including:
personal website
health & fitness
art & creativity
personal development
school & university
network marketing
HR or internet training
other business

You will be asked if you already have an online course, and if you click yes, the platform sets up the necessary templates for you, and with it makes the whole process a lot easier.


No Technical Knowledge Required

Vonza is the best out there to get things started if you are a beginner in building websites, setting up courses, or selling your products. As an all-around solution, you not simply get all necessary features combined under one hood, but as they are built with beginners in mind, it is really a no-brainer to set up.


Customer Engagement

With today’s democratized, yet overcrowded e-commerce market, one of your key differentiators will be how you engage with your audience. How do you find them? How will you communicate?
Engaging with your potential customers via email is still one of the best ways to increase their loyalty, and with it, your revenue. In comparison with Kartra, Vonza offers for you to have significantly more leads or email addresses to communicate with. Again, of course, for a lower price.


Video Safety

Vonza is among the best Kartra alternatives when it comes to selling courses. If you are an online tutor, you have numerous options to sell video-based courses. However, while most of the platforms (including Teachable) have a non-fixed backdoor offering a free method to steal videos, Vonza’s system is safe and you do not need to worry about your know-how surfacing on various torrent sites.



Online teachers report that Vonza’s additional features like discussion forums, live webinars, and certificates are extremely helpful to retain their students and turn them into loyal fans who return for course updates and new knowledge. Kartra is not offering these additional features, and with-it risking students to turn to other teachers.


Better Customer Service

While Kartra’s customer support is focused on their US customers only with opening hours fixed on US time zones, Vonza’s support team is accessible 24/7, making help available anytime you might need it.
The above reasons are only the tip of the iceberg, so we suggest checking out Vonza, the best Kartra competitor - at the end of the day you can do so free of charge, so there is nothing to lose.


No Technical Knowledge Required

Vonza is the best out there to get things started if you are a beginner in building websites, setting up courses, or selling your products. As an all-around solution, you not simply get all necessary features combined under one hood, but as they are built with beginners in mind, it is really a no-brainer to set up.


Cheaper Pricing

Every entrepreneur and consumer knows that the price tags are only the tip of the iceberg, and cannot be compared to each other solely on a dollar-to-dollar level. If you want to see the real value given for your money, you need to take all features, the reviews, and the support also into consideration.
Check out our pricing comparison sheet to see how Vonza offers more for less.

Free trial - Fully working profile
No Free trial
Easy and short setup
Take hours to do complex setup - With integration it can take days.
Up to 100,000 number of Leads
Up to 50,000 number of Leads
Pricing Plans-
Free - $0
Basic - $79
Pro - $199
Business - $399
Pricing Plans-
Starter - $99
Silver - $199
Gold - $299
Platinum - $499
Unlimited videos - also included in the Free package.
Unlimited videos - included in Silver and above packages
24/7- Support
Live support only available during US office hours

Vonza vs Kartra comparison chart

Don't just take our word for it, we've made a Kartra vs. Vonza comparison to show you which is better for online course creators.

Pricing (Lowest Plan)
All-in-One Platform
Customize Dashboard
Online Store
SMS Text
Digital Products
Membership Sites
Website Builder
Live Notifications
Phone Support across all plans
Sales Funnels
Drip Functionality
Sell Downloads
Unlimited Students
School Management System Software
Form Builder
Unlimited Emails
Appointment Scheduler
Free Migrations
Analytics & Reporting
Email Marketing
Order Management
Paid Events
No Transaction Fees
Forever Free Plan
Affiliate Partnership Program on all Plans
Simple Ease of Use
Payment Processor - Stripe, Visa, MasterCard, AmeX, PayPal


Vonza is the best alternative of Kartra. Vonza is cheaper, faster, more versatile and gives you more tools to grow your business online compared to Kartra.

Are you ready to take your online business to the next level?